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Proven, safe, compact, efficient

SCR has become firmly established as the key technology to achieve ultra-low nitrogen oxides limit values in diesel engine emissions.

This success story leads to an increasing number of different SCR systems. Variants of the system design become more and more divers in the different fields of application. SCR systems have to be integrated into most unequal vehicle concepts. In any circumstance the degree of efficiency of NOx reduction has to be ensured and optimized.

That’s why the industry needs an international partner, who is able to flexibly design and dependably produce the line and connection technology for all SCR systems and applications. This is the crucial factor of success for VOSS, because already more than 2 million vehicles have VOSS SCR technology inside: trucks, cars, buses as well as agricultural and construction machines.

With DEF lines from VOSS Automotive the core objectives can be reached simultaneously:

  • Thawing performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Freeze resistance
  • Installation space
  • Heat resistance

The VOSS heating concept

VOSS Automotive is a subsidiary of the VOSS Group, with more than 5100 employees worldwide (January 2018) and 18 strategically located production and technical centers positioned in major markets. For more than 85 years, the name VOSS has been synonymous with quality and innovation in line and connection technology for international vehicle manufacturing.