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VOSS hose lines for SCR systems

Euro VI SCR bundle

January 30, 2013
MAN Truck & Bus has been relying on VOSS SCR lines for its series production for some time. After the enactment of Euro IV and V, VOSS lines for AdBlue® and coolant can now also be found in the Euro VI vehicles of the light/medium (TGM/TGL) and heavy (TGX/TGS) models from MAN. Although Euro VI is mandatory only starting in 2014, the series has already been rolled out now.

The coolant and AdBlue® return flow categorically calls for the use of hose lines that support an assembly-friendly installation under various installation space configurations.

The concept of our entire coolant heated SCR line sets is therefore designed to address the specific requirements and needs of our customers. Detailed improvements were made ranging from the expanded quick connect system 241 and special bundling materials to adapted covers.

Flow-through volume and pressure loss were improved by additionally equipping the quick connect system 241 with hose profiles in the sizes NW 3.2 and NW 6, which were specifically developed for this application. Yet another innovation used with this line concept for the first time: stainless steel compression sleeves, which not only secure the hose on the connector, but also protect the individual lines in the bundle. In addition to optimizing the installation space use, which is a product of employing the stainless steel compression sleeves, the individual lines can be bundled seamlessly. This eliminates the need for a separate scuffing guard.

But the key benefit of using hose lines instead of PA tube systems is in the greatly simplified assembly. A host of other benefits vis-a-vis the PA tube system therefore justify their marginally higher costs for a variety of reasons.

For instance, even the most complex bending radii as small as 30 millimeters can be executed on the vehicle, permitting access to even the tightest installation spaces. Moreover, the lead-time from sample to series production for special purpose vehicles (fire engines, mobile cranes etc.) can be greatly compressed. This represents a schedule and economic benefit for suppliers and customers alike, who are therefore able to further reduce development and adjustment iterations.

At the same time, the special bundling material provides for an adequate air buffer to ensure the required heat transfer from the coolant lines to the Adblue® lines.

The connection and seam locations are protected from ingress of cold and dirt by means of individually adapted protective caps and bellows.

Last but not least, the customized production of these components puts the finishing touches on the total system of coolant heated hose lines.

In total, we paid particularly close attention on keeping the version population to a minimum in order to leverage the economic benefits of our kit system here as well.