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VOSS China starts production of SCR lines

November 18, 2013
After successful establishment of SCR production in Poland and Mexico, SCR lines are now also being produced in our VOSS plant in China. Our desire for a production plant in Asia arose from the surrounding customers, whereby we could cater for the markets in China, Japan and Korea with relatively short supply channels. It is planned to ensure a stable production volume of 750,000 heated and unheated SCR lines annually at the plant.

The production set-up was supported by an international team of colleagues from Germany, Poland, Mexico and China. Our VOSS plant in Poland served as a model for this – as it had done when we established SCR assembly in Mexico. Here, all of our production processes, machines, quality standards and methods are identical throughout the world and hence guarantee a uniform global standard.

In addition, Chinese engineers, technicians and departmental managers attend training courses in Europe that last several weeks, so that they are familiar with the new branch of production. Therefore production was well prepared when it started in June 2013, and project activities are on the home straight, so to speak.

The first batch is earmarked for the Chinese market. Production for Japanese customers will start at the end of August.