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VOSS begins series production of SCR line bundles for an important manufacturer of agricultural mach

SCR line bundle

December 16, 2010
Since September 2010, VOSS has delivered series-produced, coolant-heated SCR line bundles to a globally active manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

Following many years of collaboration in the application areas of pneumatics and fuel, the project “Euro VI” was undertaken with VOSS at the start of 2009. The manufacturer primarily relies on the use of SCR technology to fulfill the Tier 4 exhaust standards; particularly in vehicles in which engines with a power > 130 kW are installed. Because the exhaust standards are applicable both in the USA as well as in Europe starting in 2011, VOSS received both the development contract as well as the production contract for all relevant vehicles in these markets.

As a result of an innovative, modular design concept based on standard components, the line bundles were able to be extensively unified within the numerous vehicle platforms. The use of form-bent lines was able to be reduced to a few special applications.

The project was controlled through weekly team meetings of VOSS’s international project management, whereby a project team and a project leader were established both in the USA as well as in Europe. Weekly project meetings via video conference ensured that all participants were informed about the current project status.

The design and production of prototypes was carried out at VOSS headquarters in Wipperfürth, Germany for Europe and at the VOSS subsidiary in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the USA. This allowed for installation trials to be carried out with the VOSS team on site at the customer, both in the USA as well as in Europe, in order to ensure optimal line installation.

As negotiations for the production nomination for vehicles with engines < 130 kW were concluded positively, too, VOSS Automotive considers this project and the successful collaboration with a global manufacturer to be an important milestone in the development of the off-road segment and sees great chances for the company to be able to secure larger market share in this field.