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SCR + IQ = Intelligent SCR lines from VOSS

May 29, 2015
VOSS SCR lines are becoming intelligent. They now not only transport the medium AdBlue® from point A to point B and can reliably thaw the frozen medium so that the SCR system is ready for dosing - now VOSS SCR lines also allow the fluid properties (pressure, temperature, concentration) in the line to be identified. The functional scope of VOSS SCR lines is thus significantly expanded, sensibly and to the advantage of the customers.

By measuring the temperature and/or pressure in the quick connector on the dosing module, direct conclusions can be drawn about the local conditions. This gives the various manufacturers of SCR dosing systems the opportunity to optimize or expand their dosing strategies. This way, e.g. in dosing modules cooled with AdBlue®, the pump load can be adjusted to rising or falling temperatures. This results in energy-saving and also advantages in the service life of the individual components.

By measuring the AdBlue® quality within the line, the system is insusceptible to soiling. In addition, the sensor is no longer exposed to mechanical loads that could arise, for example, from swashing clumps of ice. The design of the tank sensor is also much more simple, since there is less electricity in direct contact with AdBlue® (risk of creepage).

These advantages and the possible optimizations of the dosing strategies create the prerequisites for also fulfilling significantly more stringent future emission requirements and legislations.

The development of the intelligent SCR lines is based on VOSS’s years of experience in the area of SCR system technology, supplemented by customer feedback.