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Market leader in electrically heated SCR lines for agricultural tractors in Europe

September 6, 2011
The proven SCR technology is also becoming established as the standard for agricultural tractors when it comes to reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. Not only does it comply with current and forthcoming pollutant standards, it also reduces fuel consumption significantly.

The unique challenge when developing SCR systems for agricultural tractors lies in the functional and geometrical design of the line and connection technology in the usually highly restricted space between the AdBlue® tank, engine and exhaust system. The need to heat the line system also calls for integral engineering – a service that VOSS Automotive has specialized in.

VOSS Automotive has longstanding international experience in the development, validation and production of SCR line systems heated electrically or with cooling water in all types of vehicle. The majority of European agricultural tractor manufacturers have opted in favor of electrical heating.

Customers appreciate the good and efficient cooperation in development, system design, prototyping and series production, with VOSS contributing an entire spectrum of experience, meticulous detail and flexibility. The healthy order books and nominations for current and future model series make VOSS the number one supplier of electrically heated SCR lines for agricultural tractors in Europe.