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Green light for the production of SCR lines in Mexico

Mexican core team with the initially produced SCR line

January 30, 2013
After a concerted one year preparatory effort by an international VOSS project team, the production of electrically heated SCR lines has now begun in Saltillo for the customers DTNA and Chrysler.

90 additional employees were specifically recruited for this project and trained for the new production segment in a 12 week operator training session. The training focused primarily on the production of the assembly sequences for sample lines, on cycle times and on quality relevant criteria. In order to facilitate establishing a world-wide standard for SCR production lines, the same production standards that apply at VOSS Automotive Polska also apply in Mexico.

After the corresponding approval for the intended PA tube, the first SCR lines were produced in Saltillo at the end of August of this year. The production of the first customer lot then followed on September 24, 2012. Only two weeks later, the production team made its mark during the customer audit by Chrysler - with rousing success. This represented the green light for series production of SCR lines.

The official date for commissioning the factory in Saltillo is December 19, 2012. Our VOSS NAFTA customers and several regional Mexican political dignitaries are expected to attend the event.