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Development success for high-temperature resistant SCR lines

High-temperature resistant SCR line

January 30, 2013
The pressure continues to increase. CO2 resumes being a high profile topic that demands urgent relief. The automobile industry is consequently called upon to continue reducing fuel consumption and to bring the components involved with reducing nitric oxide to operating temperature by the most efficient means possible.

One solution consists of placing SCR catalysts for diesel cars close to the engine. But this results in increased temperature demands on the connected SCR line systems and also in corresponding ruggedness requirements against engine and vehicle vibrations.

VOSS Automotive is therefore currently developing electrically heated SCR nylon tubes that are designed to withstand exposure to continuous temperatures up to 160 °C and peak temperatures up to 180 °C. These are also capable of compensating relative movement between the engine and the body.

The series validation of these new SCR lines by well-known automobile manufacturers is expected to be completed soon. The series production for these lines is scheduled for 2013.